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Great News! Engineering

In the past few weeks we have performed and passed back to back Factory Acceptance Tests for 2 projects. The first was SMART which has Jennifer Sober as the lead engineer. The second was Perris Valley with David Kern as the lead engineer. This was both of theirs first FAT and both did an outstanding job. Both of them along with Steve Stiers can handle so much and get the project requirements done so that RSC is represented in a very professional
and high quality way.

This is new milestone for RSC as we have never had to do back to back FATs which required a lot of coordination and team work. This milestone was also only possible with the help of Michal McArdle, Brady Bartnicki and the workers that we have from Outsource. Steve Stiers was the PM for both jobs and handled everything expertly. He is truly an asset that RSC needs and is lucky to have.

I have only mentioned a few key employees but in reality this was a companywide effort to get to these points on these projects. Dolly, Shannon, and Laura also played roles to get us to where are at. In short, as a team for these 2 projects, I think that RSC has moved into a new realm of accomplishments that it can be very proud of.








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